Application for CANDIDATE Membership of SFI

The President/ General Secretary
SAMBO Federation of India
111-112 Royal Corner, 1-2 Lalbagh Road ,
Bangalore 560027, India

Dear Sirs

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the SAMBO Association of
, we hereby submit our application to become an CANDIDATE MEMBER of the SAMBO Federation of India [SFI] and we affirm and undertake and submit herewith as under

1. That we have already established and legally registered the SAMBO Association of as a non profit, non governmental, amateur national martial sports organization, with its constitution in close conformity to that of the SFI [ATTACH scanned copy of Certificate of Registration and Constitution in ENGLISH HERE]

2. That we will adopt, abide by and strictly enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Federation Internationale Amateur Sambo and that of the SFI as existing as may be amended now and then in the future.

3. That we have democratically elected the following MEMBERS into the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE of the SAMBO Association of for a period of FOUR YEARS commencing ending   as detailed  here under

4. That we will CONTINUE to strive to the best of our abilities to promote and develop the unique mixed martial art and combat sport SAMBO, across our State and that we will ESTABLISH affiliate SAMBO Associations or SAMBO clubs in our various or Districts or Regions as expeditiously as possible.

5. That we will work towards securing for our SAMBO Association of , the Official SUPPORT and or RECOGNITION of our State Olympic Committee and / or from our the State Sports Authority.

6. That We have already remitted an amount of Rs 2,000.00 (Rupees Two thousand Only ) as payment in full of our Annual Membership fee for the year to the bank account of the IFPA at Bangalore, India.

7. That we will immediately forward you by speed post / courier the following documents:

A] Copy of this here application for Candidate Membership, with our ORIGINAL signatures, bearing the Official SEAL of the SAMBO Association of .

B] An official English copy of the Constitution of the SAMBO Association of duly attested by us and bearing our Original Signatures and Official Seal

C] An official English copy of the CERTIFICATE of REGISTRATION of the SAMBO Association of duly attested by us and bearing our Original Signatures and our official seal

D] A copy of the remittance confirmation from our BANK as proof that Ruppes 2,000.00 has been transferred to the SFI as Annual Membership Fees.


Thanking You

SAMBO Association of


Name of President


Name of Secretary General