Application for State Representative

The Prsident / General Secretary
SAMBO Federation of India
111-112 Royal Corner, 1-2 Lalbagh Road
Bangalore 560027, INDIA

Dear Sirs

Re : Application for STATE Representation

I hereby submit my candidature for appointment as the State Representative of the SAMBO Federation of INDIA [SFI] and I affirm that if appointed, I shall within SIXTY days thereof, establish and legally register the SAMBO Assoaciation of as a non profit, non governmental, State martial sports organization, with its constitution in close conformity to that of the SFI. I hereby undertake that if appointed as the SFI State Representative, I shall strive to the best of my abilities to promote and develop the Martial Art Combat Sport SAMBO across al the districts of my State and that I shall endeavour to secure official recognition for our State SAMBO Association from our State Olympic Association and/or our State Sports Authority. I further affirm that if appointed, I will adopt, abide by and enforce the Rules and Regulations of the Federation Internationale Amateur SAMBO, the Asian SAMBO Federation and the SFI in all SAMBO sporting events in our State and Nation.

Full Name Nationality
Date of Birth Place of Birth Sex
Passport No Date of Issue Date of Expiry
Permanent Address
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Educational Qualifications Occupation
Martial Arts Qualification / Black Belt Rank
Details of SAMBO / Mixed Martial Arts Background
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